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Afraid of making the wrong decisions in your business?

Are you a new entrepreneur who fears making the wrong decisions in your business? Afraid to lose money, trust, respect, or even your entire business through bad decisions?

By overcoming your analysis paralysis and insecurity, you can build a successful, profitable business through consistently making good decisions.

How you will accomplish this? Through learning and applying a scientifically proven, holistic and personally customized decision-making process in my six-week online course Decision-making strategies!

In six weeks you will design your personal and scientifically reliable strategy for making decisions that are aligned with your values and priorities. A strategy you can use over and over again, for daily life decisions in your business and in your private life, and for the big and important ones. No more overwhelm, just the ability the handle what life throws at you consistently, and with confidence.

A unique course

Many courses on decision-making focus on either the rational aspects or the intuitive aspects of decision-making. Or they teach specific methods for various kinds of business decisions.

Decision-making strategies, on the other hand, takes a holistic view on decision-making, taking into account your rational mind, your intuition, your social environment, your values and priorities, and your personality, to create your very own personal and scientifically reliable decision-making strategy.

The course is primarily aimed at online entrepreneurs and small business owners who are feeling overwhelmed and worried or uncertain about the diversity and number of difficult decisions they have to make daily, in an era where the number of choices we face is constantly increasing, time is limited and speed is a key business factor.

The bird’s eye’s view of the course

The course contains five modules, each of which contains a number of training sessions with video-lectures that you can listen to in your own time and work-materials for you to download.

In addition, there will be six live group coaching sessions with Q&As, where we will share our experiences and work hands-on applying what we learn to your specific decisions.

You also get one individual coaching session with Erica, where we will make sure that you have achieved mission accomplished. If you haven’t, I guarantee you up to three additional individual coaching sessions with me to sort you out!

Finally, you get access the the course’s Facebook group where you can share experiences, discuss, ask questions, and help each other with your decisions.

You can find the dates and prices here.

Zooming in on the bird’s eye’s view

The course takes a holistic approach and utilizes rational, intuitive and social methods and theories for decision-making as well as considers that each person has a unique set of values and priorities and that our personality gives us certain strengths and weaknesses to be aware of.

My decision-making process combines:

1) a rigorous rational decision-making method, including evaluating the alternatives available and thorough risk analysis,

2) an awareness of the various ways our intuition can mislead us through heuristics and unconscious biases,

3) how we can use and trust our intuition to make quick and adequate decisions and to confirm or disconfirm our tentative rational decisions,

4) dealing with when other people are affected by your decision,

5) how to benefit from involving other people in the decision-making process, and

6) discovering and defining your values and priorities, your personality and how it affects your decision-making, and how to avoid decision-fatigue.

I also clarify the distinction between the decision-process, which relies on what is known to you at the time of the decision, and the outcome of the decision, where also future unforeseen events have influenced the outcome. The right decision is the decision that is optimal given the circumstances and time when you make the decision, not the decision that happens to yield the best outcome.

With a well-thought-through decision-making process in place, you will massively increase the chances of your decisions having a good and desired outcome. And even on those occasions that your decision will turn out to have a less desirable outcome (which statistically will happen from time to time), you can still feel confident that you have made the right decision because any other decision would have had an even higher risk of resulting in a bad outcome.

Finally, the participants in the course create their own customized decision-making process to use over and over again in their business and in their lives.

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Why should you improve your decision-making skills?

We live in uncertain times and I want you to win and succeed in your business, and not lose out because of falting, delayed or too rushed decisions.

McKinsey’s blog-post from January 14, 2021, which initiates a series of posts on the leading insights and observations from McKinsey’s Organization Practice on trends for 2021, observes that improving your decision making is among the top three priorities for organizations for 2021.

Dealing with uncertainty may be a certainty for leaders as they approach 2021.

A focus on decision making. In today’s business landscape, a delayed decision can be worse than a wrong decision—and during the pandemic, we saw organizations making decisions faster than ever. As companies organize for the future, we’ve built on our pre-pandemic research with additional actions to sustain rapid decision making. Organizations and their leaders benefit from empowering others to make decisions and enabling an efficient, informed decision-making process through technology.

(Read the full blog article here)

Watch a 20 minutes video where I speak about how to make decisions in times of uncertainty!

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