Module Three: Guided by your Gut

In this module, you will tap into your gut-feelings and learn to recognize what your intuition has to say about your decisions.

When in tune with your bodily sensations and emotions, you will get a deep sense of calm, confirming that you got the rational end of the decision right. Alternatively, you will experience disturbing sensations that will make you want to go back to the drawing board and maybe reconsider your decision. You will get to try out various proven methods to listen to your inner sensations.

The module contains the following trainings:

  • The indispensable intuition
  • Getting to know your gut feeling
  • When to trust or not to trust your intuition
  • Group coaching session 3
Quotation from Einstein on the importance of intuition.

Neuroscience has shown that the subconscious parts of our brain have already made the decision 8 seconds before our rational mind knows about it.

That intuition is indispensable for decision making is also clear from the fact that people who have suffered brain damage in the emotional center becomes completely unable to make any decision, big or small. However, they are perfectly capable of carrying out the rational reasoning involved in coming to a decision.

In this module, you will befriend your intuition if you have not done so before. If your intuition already is your best friend who you trust with your life, you will learn that while you can trust your intuition with your life, you cannot always trust it to make the right decisions in other matters.

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