Cutting my way through the jungle

Have you ever heard a speaker or a preacher talking about the importance of making the right choice? Taking the right path? And that taking the wrong turn could potentially make you lost forever?

Road signs for right way and wrong way

If there for instance is one and only one Mr Right or Ms Right for you to find and spend the rest of your life with, all those other lovely men and women out there must be Mr/Ms Wrong, right? And if you get that one wrong, you will spend the rest of your life with the wrong person. Daunting perspective. No wonder I was stressed out as a young girl, having been fed these kinds of views.

As if there were pre-destined roads for us to go down in the first place…

I don’t believe there are.

On the contrary, I believe that I stand in the middle of a jungle with green growing shrubs, lianas, sky-high trees, and herbs all around me. All I have is a machete to cut my way through the lush greenery. And I have the opportunity to climb up a tree or a hill once in a while to take out my bearings and get the birds eyes perspective of where I want to go in the long run. Down on the ground again, I cannot see very far, but my moments of visionary sight helps me cutting my way in the direction that will eventually take me where I want to go.

I make the roads. I make the paths. There are no right or wrong paths for me to take. The way I carve out for myself in my life and in my existence is the right way, simply because it is my way.

Changing the imagery for decision-making changed my life.

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