Decision-making imagery matters

The imagery you have for what is at stake when you make a decision can have far fetched consequences for your well-being. Do you walk down well-trodden paths, cheered on if you choose the right one and scolded if you choose the wrong one? Or do you make your own paths through the jungle in a no-road-land?

What do you believe is involved in making those big looming decisions in life, such as who to spend it with, what education to get, what career to pursue, where to live?

Is it — as in the right or wrong road-sign-imagery — finding out or guessing which of several alternatives is the preordained and exclusively right alternative for you? With the risk of getting it irredeemably wrong?

Or is it — as in the jungle imagery — finding out what you really deep inside want out of life and then creating the path that will give you life satisfaction and purpose? With the risk of detours or walking in circles and get to see more of the landscape.

Adopting the first image is nerve-racking at the best and risks shrinking your life to an empty state of depression at the worst.

Adopting the second imagery calls for you to get clear on your vision, and then make the decisions that will enable you to live your mission.

My view is that life is an adventure where you constantly learn new skills and develop as a person, not a test where you score points for getting it right.

Photo by Alexandr Podvalny from Pexels

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