Erica Appelros, headshot

Hi, I am Erica, your course instructor.

I help new entrepreneurs paralyzed by fear of making the wrong decisions to overcome their analysis paralysis so that they can build a successful, profitable business through consistently making good decisions.

I accomplish this through teaching a scientifically proven, holistic and personally customized decision-making process in my six-week online course Decision-making strategies and through individual coaching packages.

Part of what makes life worth living for me is that there is always something new to learn!

But there is so much to learn and do and experience in life! How to choose? How to get it all in? As a coach, I help people get clear on their goals, decisions, and priorities so that they can act in alignment with who they are and what they value the most.

And when you know what you want, I can help you acquire accelerated learning skills and how to communicate your beliefs with clarity and persuasion. You can read more about my coaching services here:

I work as an associate professor in philosophy of religion at the Centre for Theology and Religious Studies at Lund University, Sweden and has done so for the last 20 years or so. You can read more about my academic side of life here: Erica Appelros, CTR

I am dedicated to creating courses and other material, such as books and coaching tracks, to empower others to advance in their growth towards more clarity, knowledge, and self-knowledge.

Creating this course on Decision-making strategies for real-life is one way I want to contribute to a better and less stressful life for people to enable them to have more time and energy for more fun things, such as learning something new!

If you want to know more about my own decision-making story, you can find it here.